How Mankind Lived, With-out Computers

Published On: April 3, 2017By

As I view this “new” world, which comuter programmers are creating, with driverless, pizza, delivery, cars, as well as web-site creation “tools”, which ONLY experts, in computer science can understand how to use,

I think back on all of the past centuries. Those centuries, BEFORE these “monsters” (computers) were created.

I think back, over thousands of years. Back to times when people actually interracted, with one another.

The years, when women wrote beautiful correspondence, inviting other women to tea-and-snack, sessions.

The days, when children used to travel, to local parks, to play with friends. Playing outdoor games such as cricket, football, and so on, while others played on swing-sets, see-saws, and “monkey bars”.

The days, when a boys favorite “ride” was a coaster bicycle?

The days, when games were played, on actual cardboard surfaces, or using playing cards.

The days, when the best after-dark activities were the practices, of catching fire-flies, or playing hide-and-seek.

The days, when a club-house might be nothing more than a set, of used, appliance, boxes.

The days, when people actually READ paper, and parchment, books.

The days, of imagination, when woods, near a persons home, could be imagined as an alien planet.

The time when people actually communicated with one another. Not via text message, but by the written word.

The days when, prior to the postal service, riders, actual HUMAN beings, rode, between villages, to deliver messages.

The days, when a mans handshake was as binding as a written contract WAS, until the 1970’s.

I think of the days, before computers, when commanders, in the field, actually had to write reports, which were sent back to base. This meant that HUMANS were sent to dispatch these correspondences to command staff.

For so very many centuries, people performed labor, and were paid, for their labor.

By contrast, today, machines sit, on assembly lines, 24 X 7 building products, but for whom?

After all, it is because of these machines, that un-employed HUMANS can, no-longer AFFORD to purchase the goods, which computers build.

Yet the computer programmers call this “progress”. The computer programmers keep inventing more and more complex “equipment”. Machines, which ONLY the programmers understand, yet the programmers SAY that the technology is to make life “better”. The question is: Better, for WHOM?

I wonder what would happen, to the computer programmers, and their six-figure incomes, if mankind were to return to the days when paper, ink/pencil, and postage stamps, were the primary means of communication?

I wonder what the programmers would do if, instead of shopping, on-line, that the public returned to the time-honored practice, of walking into stores, and TALKING with LIVING, sales people?

I wonder how many people remember that computers are NOT as “old”, or “established” as people think they are.

In fact, compared to the HUMAN experience, of interracting, which is tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of years old, computers are not even out of “infancy”, yet.

I wonder what would happen if the computer programmers were “found out”, for their uselessness, to society, and their six-figure incomes were reduced to two-digits?

What would happen if HUMANS re-took this planet, and computers were resigned to their first, and most basic, purpose: Information storage and retrieval.

I wonder how long it would be before the computer programmers would abandon their tech-talk, such as “What is your url?”, “What is your platform?”, “How is your site optimized?”, replacing these with simple questions such as “What is the NAME of your site?”, What is the site-owners name?”, “Site-owners billing information?”, What is site content to be?”

All just to TRY to retain a portion of the market.

As I said, man-kind got along, FINE, for thousands of years, before computers were “invented”. How difficult would it be to return to those glorious days, when people actually had HUMAN interraction?

If the Romans, Greeks, and so many other civilizations (including North America), got by, for centuries, without computers, how hard would it be to step BACK, into the days of humanity?

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