Characteristics of Successful People

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Track records of individuals who have been successful in organizations have pointed to two things:

a. How different are you from others

b. What do you do to remain consistently different

Let us now turn to some important characteristics of successful people, and see what makes them different. You will notice they have the following common traits.

1. Common Sense

All top achievers share this quality. Common sense means the ability to render sound, practical judgements on everyday affairs. This enables you to sweep aside extraneous ideas and get right down to the core. The key word here is simplification: the ability to reduce a complex problem to a simple one. You can develop common sense by analysis, observation and learning from experience.

2. Knowing One’s Own Field

Specialized knowledge in one’s own field is another important trait among successful people. This knowledge can come not only through formal education but also through self-education. On any assignment, it is important to do the necessary homework. Nothing helps success more than knowing what one is doing. It reduces risks and works like an insurance policy for one’s own ability.

3. Self-reliance

Top achievers rely on their own resources and abilities. Self-reliance has not much to do with feelings or performance. It relates more to confidence in one’s own ability, willpower and the ability to set goals. Willpower encompasses the ability to be a self-starter and to persevere till a project has been successfully implemented.

4. General intelligence

This involves the natural ability to comprehend difficult concepts quickly; to analyse them clearly and incisively. General intelligence includes an extensive vocabulary, good reading and writing skills, and a good IQ. An enquiring mind and broad ranging interests arc fundamental to success.

5. Ability to get things done

Successful people are genuinely very efficient in accomplishing their tasks. There are three important qualities required for this: organizational ability, good work habits, and diligence.

Besides the five abilities listed above, other factors that influence success are leadership, creativity, your relationships with others, and of course, luck. But the above five qualities stand out . If you cultivate these traits, chances are you will succeed.

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