UNIT – I: Review of numerical methods, Application of numerical methods to solve transients in D.C, Switched R, L, RL, R-C and R-L-C circuits. Extension to AC circuits. (Download Lecture Notes)

UNIT – II: Modelling of diode in simulation, Diode with R, R-L, R-C and R-L-C load with AC supply, Modelling of SCR, TRIAC, IGBT and Power Transistors in simulation, Application of numerical methods to R, L, C circuits with power electronic switches. Simulation of gate/base drive circuits, simulation of snubber circuits. (Download Lecture Notes)

UNIT – III: State space modelling and simulation of linear systems. Introduction to electrical machine modelling: induction, DC, and synchronous machines, simulation of basic electric drives, stability aspects. (Download Lecture Notes)

UNIT – IV: Simulation of single phase and three phase uncontrolled and controlled (SCR) rectifiers. Converters with self-commutated devices- simulation of power factor correction schemes. Simulation of converter fed DC motor drives. Simulation of thyristor choppers with voltage. Current and load commutation schemes. Simulation of chopper fed DC motor. (Download Lecture Notes)

UNIT – V: Simulation of single and three phase inverters with thyristors and self commutated devices. Space vector representation. Pulse-width modulation methods for voltage control. Waveform control. Simulation of inverter fed induction motor drives. (Download Lecture Notes)